Ofuobi Women of Enugu State, Washington DC Inc.
so others may eat and live...
Ofuobi Women of Enugu State, Washington DC Inc.
2440 Winding Ridge Rd., Odenton, MD 21113, U.S.A.
About Us
Our Executives
Ijeoma Ozoude
Secretary General
Mrs. Onyinye Eneorji
Financial Secretary
Mrs. Priscilla Agwu
Lady Carol Ndolo
Dr. Mrs. Janet Unonu
Founding President
Mrs. Priscilla Agwu
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Ofuobi Women of Enugu State, Washington DC Inc.
We are a group of Washington DC, USA-based Enugu State women who have come together to contribute our own share to improving the lives of the less privileged in America and in Enugu State, Nigeria. 
We are motivated by the fact that the majority of our people in Enugu, despite making every effort to  improve their lives and that of their children, still live in abject poverty. We strive as hard as it may be, to stay focused on our mission to selflessly work to uplift the underserved in our communities.

Many can only lay claim to only one meal a day, and even that is bereft of the nutrients necessary to a healthy life.
Many do not have access to basic services such as  good health care, water, electricity, and even education.


The Association shall have the following objectives: 
▪ To create an atmosphere of understanding, unity, peace, co-operation, and stability among members. 
▪ To organize and conduct biannual fund raising and Gala Night for charitable initiatives. 
▪ Utilize the funds for: – Short term- Help a charity or charities approved by the general House – Long term- build or own an Ofuobi Goodwill Center. – To house the S.O.M.E.A.L (So Others May Eat And Live) initiative as detailed in the S.O.M.E.A.L. project documents. 
▪ To co-operate with and support other associations in America for the promotion of Enugu women interests. 
▪ To promote the cultural, economical, educational, social, and recreational forum, where Enugu State women, friends and citizens meet to exchange ideas, home news and views, current international and local affairs. 
▪ To support and promote various United States charitable organizations by donations to such organizations. 
▪ To support and promote various Nigerian charitable organizations financially or otherwise as agreed by the house.